By popular demand it looks like we need to set up a third server, mainly for Tuesday Nights.

This would be a “multi mode” server, so that players could, by voting, change PVP to COOP and vv

I believe that it would also be possible to fill PVP teams with a number of Bots also.

Pop your comments and idea’s below. Let the discussion begin. Hoping to get this finalised for next Tuesdays Romp.


  1. I believe i had sent a message on Skype before, that I could put up Insurgency server off my Dedicated machine. If you are interested.

  2. Author

    Thanks to Grinny we now have a Third Server hosted on his Cloud Platform.

    We’ll put up a separate post with the Details.
    The intention is that the Third Server will be capable of any mode so if we get more than 8 on a Tuesday night we can vote to PVP and I believe pad the teams with Bots on each side.

  3. I’m not on Cloud xD
    Plenty of power behind the server to go silly with.

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