Hi All

As we generally have full Servers on a Tuesday night, I’m thinking we look at using the Third Server for a PVP and stacking each team with Bots.

If you’re not aware it’s possible to say have 4 humans on each team then stack each team with say another 4 bots making an 8v8

Going to run a poll on this, please let me know what you think so Grinny gets a chance to setup his server to suit !

Register your Vote on the Polls widget !


  1. Same as Tubby. Having a good time but yep, we’re running out of room. Us oldies are popular..

  2. Hi, this game just keeps getting better, have joined in the last three Tuesdays’ & had fun with you lot. Good folks & a laugh as well. Teams with players & bots on the same side would be interesting. Fun either way.

  3. Hah, the whole point of giving you access, was so you could set it up 😉

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