It’s Tuesday night again and time for 13SN Oldies !

Look forward to seeing you on tonight.

Some good news ..
I have now found some information on running 16 Player Coop and also running Reserved Slots for Members, I’ll attempt to get that all working this weekend.

Challenge #1
Create your team of 5 to 8 players and make a Post with their Gamer Tags.
A Player can be a member of more than one Team.
On 13SN Brutal #1 or #2, complete “Contact”. Take Screenshots proving the completion and also the Team List with Scores / KDR’s
The First to complete the Map should make a Post here to register your Team’s claim to Fame !

The Challenge will be complete once the first Team posts their result.

You may already be registered here at the web site but if you are interested in becoming a Member ¬†and adding a 13SN tag to your name, send me a PM – email, Steam or pop a comment here and we’ll get your nomination sorted.

See you all tonight.

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  1. Hi,I would like to become a member of 13SN, Hope is not too late. Thank You

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