Hi All

Looking forward to some more Bot Killing Action

Servers have been full all the time regularly and its a bit of a waiting game to get a spot.

Please endeavor to use the Auto Retry facility in Insurgency or hit up someone on your friends list that’s in the server.

We have Grinny’s there on standby and also pending another new one from gameservers.com but they are currently out of resources.

I’m also keen to get a 5v5 competitive team going and a few of you have indicated interest.
What I’m asking now is to formally register your interest by simply emailing me and I’ll be sending you details for regular practice sessions that will lead to scrims and league¬†entries. (of course you’ll need to wear the 13sn Clan Tag !)

Thanks to you all (you regulars know who you are) for your loyalty playing on the servers, it’s appreciated.

Again, look forward to some action tonight


PS – if you’re in to iRacing, let me know what you’re driving and if you compete ?


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