Insurgency was updated and patched on September 18.
At that time I was able to update #1 Coop and #3 PVP servers and get them running but #2 had problems. Following that there has been a Hot Fix and since then I’ve been unable to get #2 and #3 running, these are hosted at third party server hosts, Gameservers and Hyper respectively. Support tickets have been submitted.

I’ll update this post as more information comes to hand.

At the time of writing this post, #1 is the only Server running, hosted on our own Cloud Rack.

Here are some details about the new improvements. One major and welcome addition is a new map, Embassy.

I had a few rounds on this map last night and overall I’ve very happy with it, the AI appears better (that could be my biased thinking) and the spawns are a bit more unpredictable. I’m sure we’ll be giving the new Embassy map a good workout over the next few days.

Here’s a challenge for you all, who will be the first person to find Kim Beasley’s Photo in the map !


New Features:
  • Embassy map
    • Multiplayer modes: Firefight, Ambush, Elimination, Skirmish, Push, Occupy, and Strike
    • Cooperative modes: Checkpoint, Hunt, Survival, and Outpost
  • Compass HUD element.
  • Squad Leader radial menu.
  • New voice commands.


UX Changes:
  • Redesigned radial menu:
    • Removed floating markers (enemy spotting, move to, etc), these now appear as icons on the compass.
    • Added directional callouts (“Enemy contact, North!” or “Move South-East.”).
    • Added keybinding options for every radial menu command.
    • Added new control schemes for selecting radial menu options:
    • Scrolling: Hold down the radial key and scroll to select an option.
    • Numbered: Press C and a number key, does not lock your aiming.
  • Voice chevrons around floating squad icons now also appear for radial commands.
  • Added squad leader specific radial menu, the center radial option switches between leader/subordinate menus. This can be bound to a unique key.
  • Added cl_hud_firemode_show_always convar which, when enabled, will result in the firemode display always being visible.
  • The Outpost and Survival level display is now where the clock is in other modes.
  • The active objective icon HUD element has been merged with the dock. Entering an objective will show a larger icon for the active objective as well as showing the progress.


Gameplay improvements:
  • Added tactical reloads to the shotguns.
  • A player will be pushed away from a wall if there is no room for the extents of their body.
  • Limited the amount of time that players can get infinite resupplies if they don’t leave their spawn (default: 45 seconds).
  • Unlimited resupplying is completely disabled in Push during the last stand.
  • Buckshot fires 12 pellets rather than 9, spread increased.
  • Lag compensation now factors in pose parameters.
  • Flashbang effects are visible when spectating a player in first person.


Content improvements:
  • New and improved character animations:
    • Reloading and firing are now properly animated for bolt action rifles and shotguns.
    • Players hold and reload all SMGs correctly.
    • Rifles, SMGs and shotguns are kept shouldered when running while standing or crouching.
    • New start of round idles for all weapon types.
    • New grenade throw animations for standing and crouching.
    • New stance transition animations (stand to crouch, crouch to prone etc.).
    • Pistol slides move when firing.
    • The model of the C4/IED will change to the detonator when appropriate.
    • The warhead from the RPG will now disappear after it has been fired.
    • Various other fixes.
    • Empty shell casings eject from third person character models.
    • Suppressed weapons emit muzzle smoke when fired, and smoke trail after firing by the third person character.
  • New M40 and M590 world models.
  • Updated the prone positions in third person so your player model head is where the first person view is, no longer the crotch.
  • Shotgun pumping animation is now a separate animation and functions the same way as bolt-action rifles (eg. you can suspend the pumping sequence by holding down the left mouse button after firing).
  • Improved water explosion sounds.
  • Fixed players not hearing the same HQ or radial command voice over lines.
  • Opposing team will hear voice over triggered by radial menu commands.
  • Added HQ voice overs for hero captures and one minute remaining warnings.
  • The radial menu now has separate dialogue that plays when the speaker is suppressed, just as the responses do.

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  1. Author

    Just a quick update, we’re all going as per normal again, from both hosting companies, the explanation was that there was an issue with the update itself – all working now.

    Embassy is AWESOME !!!

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