Hi All

Was a good session last night for the “Tuesday Night Oldies” – good turnout on all servers – thanks to those who played.
A reminder that Tuesday night is “Clan Night” so if you’re seeing this email or post and are registered here or a 13SN Clan member, we’d like to see you on.

A few updates …

PVP Server – looks like the game hosting provider has bitten the bullet, web site has been down for a week and not answering emails. I’ll spin up another server somewhere else, this time I’ll make it a multi purpose one that can be configured to suit on the fly – 48 players (24 P v 24 P or 8 P v 32 Bots)

Website  – two of you have noted that you’ve had an issue with logging in and passwords – if you have issues, please let me know at admin@13sn.com.au or menace@13sn.com.au and we’ll get it sorted for you

Becoming a member – if you’re wanting to wear the 13SN Clan Tag simply let me know by email or grabbing me in game. Simply put, if you’re known to the members as a regular player, mix well and don’t cause problems on the server then we’d like to welcome you in.

Photo’s – if you’ve got some screenshots or video, let me know and we’ll post them up. Here are a couple of shots from last night that I took whilst in purgatory.

2015-10-06_00001 2015-10-06_00006 2015-10-06_00005 2015-10-06_00004

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  1. Thanks Menace,
    – for all your hard work in organizing & keeping everything going to produce a friendly & great gaming experience at 13SN ….. appreciate it !
    Look forward to Tuesday nights ….. (& most other nights actually !)
    cheers, Spec.

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