It’s that time of the week again folks

Server #4 will be booted up and password is “noobs” – join off me if you don’t have the address

PVP / Comp team. Unfortunately the company I had this hosted at seems to have been RPG’d by the Bots ! ( – this means that I’ll have to create another server in the same Rack as #1 and #3 are hosted – give me a few days / week and we’ll be up again. I’ve had a few of you respond indicating interest in the competitive team and am looking for a few more so we can run practice, alternately we jump ¬†onto a 5v5 server via the Server Browser and make sure we have a party.

There are some interesting updates in the pipeline for Insurgency about to be released, they are in beta now but when full release occurs we’ll throw them onto our 3 servers.

Look forward to seeing you tonight


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