Hi Security Forces !

Just an update about what’s been happening with the Servers

We had an update as you all know which changed a few things relating to configuration, we’ve managed now to resolve this and get things going. One of the issues was that a server could not be started with more than 5 bots. Currently we are configured to start the server at 5 bots with 1 player and add up to 24 as players total 8.

We have taken the Bot Damage from 1.0 to around 1.3 (this is the amount of damage a bot gives off when they shoot you, a higher setting damages you more and means you are more likely to die), this makes things a little more difficult, give some feedback as to how you think this is going and if needed we can revert to 1.0

We now have 5 Servers. One Server, #4, will have a password applied for Tuesday Night Festivities, at other times, it will be open to the public. Hope to see you there, always a good friendly night, password is “noobs”.

Last night another update was released, we’re also on top of this one now and have Servers 1,3,4 and 5 running. Server 2 which is hosted at gameservers.com is still giving some grief but hope to get that going again later today or at least by Tuesday !

See you in game soon

13SN Menace

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