Just a reminder to get in early tonight, password “noobs”

The competition is on, the Top Spot is seesawing between 13SN Tucker and 13SN Wardy, who will blink first ? The lead has swapped a few times over the last week and is now hovering around 37k.

We’ve been running 2 servers with a lobby of 6 making it a little harder to get to the end of the map, tell us what you think !

Remember also that your admins are …

13SN Enodab
13SN Gunt
13SN Menace

There’ll be another 2 admins added over the next week.

13SN Menace and 13SN Beige maintain the server infrastructure.


  1. Got this insurgency game so that I could go and shoot Gunt… Turns out I can’t even do that??

    1. Hey Rizz – long time no see! I’ll be there tonight, and I will give you a lesson in humility.
      So if you dont show – its because you are scared of my “leet” skills 😉

  2. Menace, I don’t the 6 player servers, but it makes it hard to get on as the clan is growing. Maybe we should have a server with say 8 or 12 on it.


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