Hi All

This is the beginning of the Clan Challenge series.

Clan Challenge #1 

  • If you are registered here and or a member of the 13SN clan then you are eligible
  • This challenge seeks the player that can attain the highest single score WITHOUT A DEATH on one of the 13SN Servers.
  • Proof of your result must be corroborated by another Registered Member and a Screen Shot posted in this Thread.

Clan Challenge #2

  • This Challenge is designed to be difficult !
  • Create your own team of at least 4 players.
  • Register your team with a team name here by making a reply to this post noting each players Gamer Tag.
  • A Gamer can only be a member of ONE Team.
  • The Challenge is to complete this month’s nominated Map on the nominated Server without any of your team dying.
  • This Month’s nominated Map is Dry Canal.
  • This Challenge Starts NOW and will end either by a Team completing the Challenge or by Midnight on the last day of July the Team with the best result.
  • You may use more than one Map Cycle but no team member may have any death.
  • Once your registrations have been received, a nominated Server will be created with the appropriate configuration (Dry Canal, 6 Slots, Max Bots and Max Difficulty with 1 Round only)
  • Proof of result needs to be posted by screenshot here and corroborated.
  • We reserve the right to revise the above rules during the course of the Challenge.

Post any questions or information here for Challenge 1 or 2


  1. This sounds like fun atleast for the first part…

    On a side note, what is a quick way of contacting a server admin when there is funky business going on with the servers… Friday night there was some people on doing votes for round restarts and they would go through even when everyone voted no.

    1. Author

      Great Scores – let’s see if someone can have a go at those !

    1. Author

      Would be good if you could get the Steam ID (I think you can hit Tilde “~” in game then type “status” and enter – steamid will allow us to perm ban.

      1. Isn’t the number in the bottom left corner of my screenshot the steam ID# ? Enough for you to locate the profile at least.

        Interesting they are also banned from trading on steam.

  2. Author

    Great score Daka !
    A hard target for anyone to reach

    Any of you guys been trying ?

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