Hey all, some of you guys know me as ShooteR, the rest, well.. you don’t know me :'(

I was around back when CoD4 was still a thing.. Anywhoooo, i took a break from gaming for a while, truth is i was poor and couldn’t afford a PC..

Surely some of the older members here will remember me 😀

So what games does everyone play?


  1. Welcome back Shooter, yes I remember you.
    Insurgency is probably the most played game here – hope that I will see you in a game soon.

    1. Author

      Hey Menace!

      Yet to try Insurgency, may have to add it to my collection tonight after work.
      Recently picked up Rainbow 6 Siege and i’m hooked, so much fun with a good team.

  2. I’m looking at returning aswell 🙂 i cant remember my name i was using at the time (also back in CoD4) but i used to host couple of your servers at one stage through aussie gaming. I think username may have been zer0aim or timez.

    Ps. who do i speak to in regards to possibly joining?

  3. Hey, i recently just started playing Insurgency again also. I played about 2 years ago.

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