Some of you know that I’m keen to get a competitive team going to compete in Leagues 5V5 matches.

Thanks to some donations we have now been able to get a 13SN PVP #1 up and running

Hopefully it will appear in the Server Search list over the next day or two.

It’s a vanilla configuration at this stage and we’ll apply tweaks to it as needed.

We’re also working on Grinny’s server to get some workshop mods installed, one specifically, Osama Map – apparently it’s the building that Osama was killed in.

See you online !

Hi All

We’ve had a few of you loyal regulars sign up to the web site.

One of you, Enodab has decided to actually join our Clan.

We know Enodab from playing many nights against the bots so have no reservation accepting him into the Clan.

Please give a hearty welcome to 13SN Enodab !

Hi All

Looking forward to some more Bot Killing Action

Servers have been full all the time regularly and its a bit of a waiting game to get a spot.

Please endeavor to use the Auto Retry facility in Insurgency or hit up someone on your friends list that’s in the server.

We have Grinny’s there on standby and also pending another new one from but they are currently out of resources.

I’m also keen to get a 5v5 competitive team going and a few of you have indicated interest.
What I’m asking now is to formally register your interest by simply emailing me and I’ll be sending you details for regular practice sessions that will lead to scrims and league entries. (of course you’ll need to wear the 13sn Clan Tag !)

Thanks to you all (you regulars know who you are) for your loyalty playing on the servers, it’s appreciated.

Again, look forward to some action tonight


PS – if you’re in to iRacing, let me know what you’re driving and if you compete ?


It’s Tuesday night again and time for 13SN Oldies !

Look forward to seeing you on tonight.

Some good news ..
I have now found some information on running 16 Player Coop and also running Reserved Slots for Members, I’ll attempt to get that all working this weekend.

Challenge #1
Create your team of 5 to 8 players and make a Post with their Gamer Tags.
A Player can be a member of more than one Team.
On 13SN Brutal #1 or #2, complete “Contact”. Take Screenshots proving the completion and also the Team List with Scores / KDR’s
The First to complete the Map should make a Post here to register your Team’s claim to Fame !

The Challenge will be complete once the first Team posts their result.

You may already be registered here at the web site but if you are interested in becoming a Member  and adding a 13SN tag to your name, send me a PM – email, Steam or pop a comment here and we’ll get your nomination sorted.

See you all tonight.

Hi All

5.30-5.45 pm AEST Tonight (Thursday 13th)

13SN Brutal #1 will be rebooted and patches applied ready for tonight’s onslaught.

I’ve noticed some laggy-ness so we’ll see if this has any affect before trying some more drastic measures.



Hi All

No luck yet with finding a way to play more than 8 players and 24 bots !

We currently have 2 servers up so better get in early tonight to avoid disappointment.


We’re testing a new config on this server tonight.

We’ve set the Max Bots up to 40 per point (from 32), that’s an extra 8 for those without a calculator.

Look forward to some MAYHEM tonight !

We can only get up to 8 players in at the moment – scouring Google for some mod or addin that we can add to the 3rd server so we can run 12 Players and 37 Bots (49 is the current hard coded Max).

Good Luck !

Hi All

As we generally have full Servers on a Tuesday night, I’m thinking we look at using the Third Server for a PVP and stacking each team with Bots.

If you’re not aware it’s possible to say have 4 humans on each team then stack each team with say another 4 bots making an 8v8

Going to run a poll on this, please let me know what you think so Grinny gets a chance to setup his server to suit !

Register your Vote on the Polls widget !

By popular demand it looks like we need to set up a third server, mainly for Tuesday Nights.

This would be a “multi mode” server, so that players could, by voting, change PVP to COOP and vv

I believe that it would also be possible to fill PVP teams with a number of Bots also.

Pop your comments and idea’s below. Let the discussion begin. Hoping to get this finalised for next Tuesdays Romp.

Looking for a few Admins
Game Server Admins and Web Site Admins

If your interested and understand either or both RCON and WordPress post your interest here.

Hi All

Look forward to seeing you tonight from 7pm AEST on Server #1

Last week saw a bit of action on Verticality Outpost but tonight I’m hoping that you will agree to attempting to complete the challenge of Heights Checkpoint – one of the most difficult maps.

I note that bot_damage is set to 1.0 (highest) (was previously 0.8) and ins_bot_difficulty remains at 3 (highest)

Hi Oldies

It’s Tuesday Night again

We’ll be setting up for Outpost on Verticality tonight so you can all try it out.

Join the party tonight starting at 7.00pm AEST

Hope we see Tubby there tonight, I heard he was back in the seat again !

Last week we saw Bravo-Para and Agit8D come for a visit to hone their skills.

You can now register for this site.

Registration means that you’ll get a regular email with news and updates.

Registration will allow you to make Posts and Comments on the Site !


Just waiting for a few things and we’ll have GameMe running.

If you’re not sure what GameMe is, see here

This will add Tracking and overall ranking to our players.

Hopefully we’ll be able to throw something on this site with the Rankings, Top 10 and so forth.


You can see what GameTracker is here
If you see the Images with the Server Status’s on the front page you can click on those and they will take you to the GameTracker web site to provide detailed statistics about out Insurgency Servers performance.

Unfortunately I can’t Claim the Servers or enable the Player Tracking until my account has been active for a week, so hopefully a post tomorrow with some further information.