It is with great sadness that one of the original 13SN members Captain Tubby lost his ultimate battle on Monday night.

He was a great respected member of the clan and our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

He was passionate about fighting his health battle and anyone wishing to support his cause feel free to visit to donate.

In honour of Captain Tubby I think ill fire up some COD, put out some claymores, spec out my sniper rifle and settle in for a night of camping in celebration for our departed Captain.


Hi Everyone,

We have the opportunity tro play in a local comp, which is different and good fun (if you have never done it before).

You need go to this website in the Insurgency area for 13SN. Also download teamspeak  and join there – you need this for the comp and pug’s (used to be called scrims).

If you have any questions ask Menace 🙂

See you on the team.

We will config a server for oldies night so you can see the allowed kitout etc before we go and give everyone an thrashing.