Hey all, some of you guys know me as ShooteR, the rest, well.. you don’t know me :'(

I was around back when CoD4 was still a thing.. Anywhoooo, i took a break from gaming for a while, truth is i was poor and couldn’t afford a PC..

Surely some of the older members here will remember me 😀

So what games does everyone play?

Hi All Coop players

We’ve lost our 100Mbps link to the server rack – Telstra are working on getting it going again. Fingers crossed we’re up again shortly

We’re seeing a few pests around on the servers, just an update to make you aware that these are the current Admins.

(in Alphabetical order)

13SN Beige
13SN Daka
13SN Enodab
13SN Gunt
13SN Menace

If you are a tag wearing member and are interested in becoming an admin, please contact me directly.


Hi Team

Servers are quite busy on a regular basis now, thought I’d add another Server (#6) for 6 Players.

Still a few tweaks required such as GameMe feed which will be done over the next 24 hours when we see what the load looks like on the Virtual Machine.

Enjoy !


Hi chaps, i finally figured out how to log on without issues….anyhoo


I have a ts3 server up and running with a room (or more if necessary) available for any who wish to avail themselves of that functionality.

pw: 9292

use it or don’t 🙂


Hi All

This is the beginning of the Clan Challenge series.

Clan Challenge #1 

  • If you are registered here and or a member of the 13SN clan then you are eligible
  • This challenge seeks the player that can attain the highest single score WITHOUT A DEATH on one of the 13SN Servers.
  • Proof of your result must be corroborated by another Registered Member and a Screen Shot posted in this Thread.

Clan Challenge #2

  • This Challenge is designed to be difficult !
  • Create your own team of at least 4 players.
  • Register your team with a team name here by making a reply to this post noting each players Gamer Tag.
  • A Gamer can only be a member of ONE Team.
  • The Challenge is to complete this month’s nominated Map on the nominated Server without any of your team dying.
  • This Month’s nominated Map is Dry Canal.
  • This Challenge Starts NOW and will end either by a Team completing the Challenge or by Midnight on the last day of July the Team with the best result.
  • You may use more than one Map Cycle but no team member may have any death.
  • Once your registrations have been received, a nominated Server will be created with the appropriate configuration (Dry Canal, 6 Slots, Max Bots and Max Difficulty with 1 Round only)
  • Proof of result needs to be posted by screenshot here and corroborated.
  • We reserve the right to revise the above rules during the course of the Challenge.

Post any questions or information here for Challenge 1 or 2

Hi 13SN’rs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to you here and sadly the only reason for this post is to ask you to donate a few $$$’s to support the site.

Our SSL certificate is about to expire and to renew we need $49.95 !

Please help by throwing a few $$$’s into the kitty by PayPal here https://13sn.com.au/home/help-13sn/

Thanks again for your support and to all those who play on our 5 Servers

Hi Everyone,

We have the opportunity tro play in a local comp, which is different and good fun (if you have never done it before).

You need go to this website http://www.pacificgamingleague.com/ in the Insurgency area for 13SN. Also download teamspeak    ts.aussierebels.org:9987  and join there – you need this for the comp and pug’s (used to be called scrims).

If you have any questions ask Menace 🙂

See you on the team.

We will config a server for oldies night so you can see the allowed kitout etc before we go and give everyone an thrashing.





Hi All,

Just a quick note that the Servers have all been updated 20/12

Any issues feel free to email us at admin@13sn.com.au

Happy Holidays


Hi All, I would like to start a comp with clan members, take a screen shot of the best action you can and when we have collected a few we will get members to vote on the best action shot.

I would like to start with this shot of “Strings” being fatally wounded  revolt_coop0009



Hi All

It’s Tuesday night again, look forward to some good gaming again tonight.

Interesting stats at http://13sn-brutal1.gameme.com/ – we can now see RogueSniper running away with the lead, Tucker and Wardy seem to have given up the chase !!!

I’m getting some feedback that our servers are heavily loaded and sometimes difficult to get a slot so I’ll get that sorted and add some more !

Again, look forward to seeing you all tonight


Just a reminder to get in early tonight, password “noobs”

The competition is on, the Top Spot is seesawing between 13SN Tucker and 13SN Wardy, who will blink first ? The lead has swapped a few times over the last week and is now hovering around 37k.

We’ve been running 2 servers with a lobby of 6 making it a little harder to get to the end of the map, tell us what you think !

Remember also that your admins are …

13SN Enodab
13SN Gunt
13SN Menace

There’ll be another 2 admins added over the next week.

13SN Menace and 13SN Beige maintain the server infrastructure.

Hi Gamers

It’s Tuesday Night Oldies again.

Server #4 will be password-“ed” again tonight, password is “noobs”, look forward to some more shenanigans !

Thanks for the Donations from Strings and M E G A Donation from Enodab. Checkout the Supporters Page for those Donator Heros

Some of the Donation has been used to add GameMe to Server #3 and Server #4.

Server #2 is having a hard time at the moment and a support ticket has been submitted to gameservers.com to see if they can resurect it.

Server #5 I’m using for testing at the moment but next weekend we’ll add that to GameMe too !

Still a few issues with configurations and getting that level of brutality that keeps us coming back.

Look forward to seeing you all tonight.


Hi Security Forces !

Just an update about what’s been happening with the Servers

We had an update as you all know which changed a few things relating to configuration, we’ve managed now to resolve this and get things going. One of the issues was that a server could not be started with more than 5 bots. Currently we are configured to start the server at 5 bots with 1 player and add up to 24 as players total 8.

We have taken the Bot Damage from 1.0 to around 1.3 (this is the amount of damage a bot gives off when they shoot you, a higher setting damages you more and means you are more likely to die), this makes things a little more difficult, give some feedback as to how you think this is going and if needed we can revert to 1.0

We now have 5 Servers. One Server, #4, will have a password applied for Tuesday Night Festivities, at other times, it will be open to the public. Hope to see you there, always a good friendly night, password is “noobs”.

Last night another update was released, we’re also on top of this one now and have Servers 1,3,4 and 5 running. Server 2 which is hosted at gameservers.com is still giving some grief but hope to get that going again later today or at least by Tuesday !

See you in game soon

13SN Menace