Looking for a few Admins
Game Server Admins and Web Site Admins

If your interested and understand either or both RCON and WordPress post your interest here.

Hi All

Look forward to seeing you tonight from 7pm AEST on Server #1

Last week saw a bit of action on Verticality Outpost but tonight I’m hoping that you will agree to attempting to complete the challenge of Heights Checkpoint – one of the most difficult maps.

I note that bot_damage is set to 1.0 (highest) (was previously 0.8) and ins_bot_difficulty remains at 3 (highest)


After finely installing this game, I wished I had some time ago. It’s looks like a nice addition to the BF series, especially after the disappointing released of BF4. The graphics are much more optimised, and I have not encountered any major bugs, unlike BF4.

If anyone one has Hardline, I am looking forward to some games!

My Origin is “Grinny_x”

Thanks to our “Donar Hero” Gunt we now have an SSL Certificate

Happy nerdy couple showing thumbs up

What does this mean ?
You can login and view the site securely.
Instead of using http://13sn.com.au, put an ‘s‘ after http making it https://13sn.com.au
All your communications are then secured.
We’ll still allow http, non encrypted communication for a few weeks for legacy reasons then force to https

Thanks again Gunt

Hi Oldies

It’s Tuesday Night again

We’ll be setting up for Outpost on Verticality tonight so you can all try it out.

Join the party tonight starting at 7.00pm AEST

Hope we see Tubby there tonight, I heard he was back in the seat again !

Last week we saw Bravo-Para and Agit8D come for a visit to hone their skills.

You can now register for this site.

Registration means that you’ll get a regular email with news and updates.

Registration will allow you to make Posts and Comments on the Site !


Just waiting for a few things and we’ll have GameMe running.

If you’re not sure what GameMe is, see here https://www.gameme.com/

This will add Tracking and overall ranking to our players.

Hopefully we’ll be able to throw something on this site with the Rankings, Top 10 and so forth.


You can see what GameTracker is here http://www.gametracker.com/.
If you see the Images with the Server Status’s on the front page you can click on those and they will take you to the GameTracker web site to provide detailed statistics about out Insurgency Servers performance.

Unfortunately I can’t Claim the Servers or enable the Player Tracking until my account has been active for a week, so hopefully a post tomorrow with some further information.


Hi Noobs

I’ve added Outpost to the map cycles so you can Vote for them.

Had a go last night on a few including Peak and Verticality. I didn’t go for Peak much but Verticality was great and the team I was on with did really well on the first few waves, so far it’s my favorite.