13SN thanks and recognises these people for their support

Donations are used to maintain pay for hosting of Servers and other incidental costs.

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Donator Heros

Thanks Mikhail for  your Donation to the PVP Servers – appreciated – 04/01/2018

Thanks J-DADDY for  your MEGA Donation – appreciated – 12/12/2017
Should keep a few servers going for a few months – Thanks !!!

Thanks DESMOND L for  your BADLY NEEDED Donation – appreciated – 22/11/2017

Thanks CRAIG for  your BADLY NEEDED Donation – appreciated – 15/09/2017

Thanks BAD PANTS for  your BADLY NEEDED Donation – appreciated – 15/09/2017

Thanks MCHEVA for  your monthly commitment – appreciated – 03/08/2017

Thanks MCHEVA for  your much needed donation – appreciated – 03/07/2017

Thanks MCHEVA for  your much needed donation – appreciated – 03/06/2017

Thanks Wildcards for  your much needed donation – appreciated – 17/04/2017

Thanks Strings for  your much needed donation – appreciated – 27/01/2017

Thanks Blind Digger for YET ANOTHER donation – appreciated – 23/10/2016

Thanks Binary Cube for your thoughtful donation – appreciated – 25/09/2016

Thanks Blind Digger for ANOTHER Generous donation – appreciated – 23/09/2016


  1. Guys I’ll make some commitment soon to contributing. Just bear with me a while.

    I’ve been in hospital and my business is not as busy as I’d like it to be at the moment,but we’re getting there,if you can give me some idea of what a monthly donation from me would help.


  2. Happy to contribute but not sure where you would prefer funds, (server maint. or a donation ?) … also nothing happens when ‘donate’ is clicked ?

    1. Author

      Thanks for the thought Spec !
      Dunno what happened, the code behind the button had disappeared, its back again now.
      Your support is much appreciated.

  3. Gday fellas, I donated 20 usd hope it helps. Thanks for the fun times on your servers.

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